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The Module for Charge Batteries 2019 (portuguese: Módulo para Carregamento das Baterias 2019) is an opensource hardware and software module of the Zenite Solar Boat responsible to charge and maintain an auxiliary 12V Lead Acid battery (even when under heavy load), given an input from a main 36V battery pack.

System highlights:

  • Input voltage range from 20 to 50V (configurable)
  • Output voltage range from 10 to 15V (configurable)
  • Output current limited at 10A (configurable)
  • Input undervoltage protection (configurable)
  • Output overvoltage protection (configurable)
  • Efficiency over 90%
  • CANBUS capable

Project highlights

  • Full Open Source Software and Hardware (under GPL3)
  • Developed for the Zênite Solar Boat
  • Using the popular ATmega328p
  • Digital Control System simulated using PSIM
  • PCB made with KiCAD
  • Firmware documented with Doxygen
  • Continous Integration set up to build the documentation for both firmware and hardware using Github Actions


  • For more information about this project, see the About section.
  • For technical documentation, see the Firmware and the Hardware sections.

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